Windows 10 Start Menu Redesigned

Someone over at Microsoft has been listening. With the anticipated release of Windows 10 they have brought back the Windows Start Button as well as a cleaner and organized start screen.

Convert YouTube Videos To MP3!

Easily convert YouTube Videos to MP3. It’s called, which is an awesome site that lets you convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. Don’t worry it’s completely free and simple to use!

[Review] NewerTech Voyager S3 Drive Docking Solution For Mac

You might have the need to access data from an older hard drive or check the files in it from your MacBook Pro or iMac. This especially happens when you are migrating from your Windows-based desktops and laptops to Mac or want to retrieve data from a computer with failed hardware (save the HDD). There could be a large amount …

Crypto Locker: The Business Killer

Recently, a new version of an old Ransomware virus appeared in people’s inbox’s this past week. Calling itself Crypto Locker, the infection begins with a stealthily laid spam email disguised as a file transfer notice

[Review] The Aldi Medion LifeTab 7″ Tablet Device.

The German PC maker, Medion, recently partnered with Aldi stores to introduce a new tablet PC to the market known as the Aldi Medion LifeTab tablet device which packs more punch than some of its competitors in its class.

What Is Cloud Computing

If you’re still trying to wrap your head around the idea of using cloud computing as a benefit to yourself, or your business, consider that just about everything you do online is already part of large, giant, cloud called the Internet. Every time you get online to check your mail or listen to a song on Pandora, you are connecting …

Mavericks: Apple Maps and Missing Devices

One of the great new features in OS X Mavericks is the addition of the Apple Maps desktop application. Apple Maps is a quasi-combination of Google Maps and Google Earth, rolled into one easy to use package.

‘Li-Fi’ The Future

When you hear the phrase WiFi everyone who uses a computer, phone, or any modern electronic device knows pretty much exactly what you mean. Simply put, wireless connectivity to transfer information through the air. A new breakthrough may change how we transfer information.

Google Glass 2.0

Announced on October 28th 2013 a new version of Google Glass is coming. Current users of Google Glass will be allowed to swap out their existing units for a newer version. People in the Google Glass program have been labeled “Glass Explorers” will also have the option to grant three friends invites to the Glass program.