Beyond Compare

What is Beyond Compare?

Beyond Compare is software that efficiently compares files (text, images, etc…) and folders.  Since constructing data comes down to “making it work”, Beyond Compare was created to help you rapidly modify your projects. Through powerful and intuitive specialized viewers, you’ll be able to compare several working states of files so that you, or perhaps the individuals that you’re collaborating with, can stay on the same page when it comes to changes made.

The main feature of this software is in its specialized viewers. It is through the visual medium that Beyond Compare allows you to be most efficient when making changes to important files: differences in text are highlighted in color so you aren’t left wondering what got edited; data sheets can be compared and sorted according to the fields you specify, such as time, date, and key strings. For the many files that are out there –data, executables, binary, images, and the list goes on – there is a dedicated viewer that will handle the rendering and ensure that you are able to compare optimally.

And it’s not only the comparisons that you’ll enjoy, but the actions that you can perform. When it comes to older and newer files, you can decide to merge the changes that were made or simply discard them. Synchronization of folders and directories, whether it’s to a disk, a server, or a zip drive, are all handled easily and capably with the same interface; and with a filter that only syncs what you specify. You’ll be unburdened by obsolete files cluttering up your space. Lastly, repetitive tasks can be automated through Beyond Compare’s flexible scripting language. Any script can be called from the command line, so with a little programming experience the actions that you want to perform on your data can be setup to run effortlessly.

With the agility of businesses in today’s market, you’re going to want to create an environment where you can rapidly prototype and experiment with changes, without having to turn the ship completely around. By allowing you to compare the various data files out there side-by-side to each other, and with the ability to be configured to suit your needs best, Beyond Compare, as its namesake suggests, is beyond the comparison of other software in this area.

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